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Mankato job market requires adjusted expectations for job seekers

High salaries and available professional and mid-level career opportunities in the Mankato area have long been scarce. If you look at the local want ads, jobs under the professional and management sections are few. Over the years people have expanded their job search to include the surrounding area. Some have even committed to the commute to the Twin Cities. For some, however, long commutes or relocating are not an option and they need to get to work. So what can they do?

While the recession lingers I recommend job seekers in the Mankato area adjust their expectations to get their foot in the door and some income coming in. Here are some ways to do that.

1. Consider working outside your field

2. Consider entry level and customer service positions

3. Be open to part-time or occasional employment

4. Adjust salary/hourly expectations

5. Register with temporary agencies

6. Be available for nontraditional hours

If we set aside ego and adjust our expectations, we can find more opportunities in the area that will allow us to get back to work. This leads to more money, future opportunities, smaller holes in our job history, and the self esteem that comes with working. Don’t see these adjustments as long-term. Consider them survival techniques to help you stay afloat and build a bridge to your next GREAT thing.



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