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Manitou Springs; cursed waters

Image by Jessica Feis for Everywhere travel blog

Photo by Jessica Feis of travel blog 

Haunted by the sound of Native American dancers, the Old Spa building has been refurbished and is having another go. Closed for many years and known locally as both haunted and cursed, the one spring inside has been off limits to tourists and those seeking the trail of springs in Manitou for a decade and more. 

The strange plastic globe over the stained font and its unnerving indoor pagoda enlaced with wrought iron and aged tiles remind one of some weird hospital in a horror movie. Will it prosper now? One wonders as much of the Spa building is owned but not lived in by it's owners and still, store spaces are only copies of others in town and therefore visited infrequently despite it's proximity to the heavily visited Arcade boardwalk. The spring also only flows intermittently. Finding a spa in the building was a nil too though it has an online page, it is not immediately evident in the building.

The other springs seem to be drying up as well. The Ute Chief spring is dry and dusty. Cheyenne, Soda, and Navajo spring are off, or barely a trickle. Those that still run, encrusted with expected deposits, spray visitors with welcome showers of lemony/irony water in the hot summer valley air.

Seven minute spring is still the biggest and best for getting a full gallon but much of it is running freely over the lawn and sidewalk and gutters of it's little unused amphitheater park. The grass is a mudhole and the interestingly designed font base architecture is clearly not working and in need of repairs.

It makes one wonder how much the little town values it's main attraction. It should be number 1 in their upkeep agenda for without those springs there would be no Manitou Springs

With several brand new stores and buildings thriving while the historical ones peel their paint and sit empty, it seems the curse is working hard to rid itself of the descendants of conniving pioneer squatters in it's own way.


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