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Manifesting your Desires


Creating our own reality starts in our heart. It is very much what we are passionate about that manifests itself in our life. If we enjoy drama, we will have an abundance of it. If we enjoy comfort, we will have abundant comfort. We are all God-like creatures, our very thoughts becoming real every day.

The most valuable lesson in manifestation is that we can control what we create. By quieting the mind through meditation and realizing what is in our hearts, we can begin to understand what is already there creating the world we know. Then we may begin to change it or we can focus those wishes to create a more fruitful and joyful life.


Manifestation Meditation

  • Sit in a comfortable position, hands on lap, shoulders relaxed. Close your eyes. Breathe in and out, using a five count in, ten count out. Repeat several times until your body is completely relaxed.
  • Picture yourself in a safe place, surrounded by a warm, loving light. Enjoy this feeling.
  • Picture your heart’s content. Ask yourself what it is you truly wish for yourself in this life. Do not judge what comes to you. Embrace it. Treat your heart like an infant, nurture its desires and accept them unconditionally, give yourself what you need.
  • Now as you open your eyes, write down the things you feel. What do you desire? Is it something that needs to be changed or focused on?
  • Write the next steps you will take to make this dream reality. Follow through. It is in these steps that we become free and allow ourselves to be truly happy in our lives.