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Manicure case/kit essentials

Manicure case/kit essentials
Manicure case/kit essentials
Lovely's Instinct LLC

There are numerous essentials needed to complete the perfect manicure whether you’re DIY, a cosmetology student, or a beauty professional. Quality mani supplies can be found at various stores and online such as this site. Here are the basic items you will need:

1. A dedicated mani case where you can keep your supplies organized, and separate from other things.

-A cosmetic bag such as this one would be great.

2. Cotton balls/swaps

-The lint free cosmetic wipes are the best. You can protect your own mani if removing polish from your toes or someone else’s.

3. Cuticle pushers/cuticle nippers/cuticle eraser

-The wooden pushers are the cheapest however the stainless steel pushers can remove more dead skin and they can be sanitized. The wooden cuticle pushers (or orangewood sticks are disposable). However if you’re only doing your own nails, then you can reuse the orange wood stick.

4. Cuticle Oil

-Good cuticle oil moisturizes the skin and helps rough skin become smooth.

5. Base/Top Coats

-Depending on the nail type, you want to choose a base coat that may address nail issues such as hardener, strengthener, brittle, peeling nails, etc. [insert pics of these]
Dry fast top coats are the best because you don’t have to wait. Seche Vite is one of my favorites and it can be purchased here.

6. Nail Polish Remover

-Pure Acetone removes polish quickly and is great for removal of glitter polishes, however, it can be very drying to the nails.
-Try using a gentle polish remover that has moisturizing/nourishing ingredients such as Essie, SuperNail, SpaRitual, and/or Zoya.

7. Nail file

-Crystal nail files are perfect for natural nails. They stop nails from breaking and splitting.
240 grit files are good for natural nails because they allow for filing back and forth (like crystal nail files) and they also allow lightly buffing on top of the natural nails.

8. Nail Clippers

-Nail files can work for taking down the length of nails, however, nail clippers can take the length of nails down quicker

If you’re into nail art, then extra things to add to your kit would be:

  1. Rhinestone Wheel
  2. Glitter
  3. Dotting Tool (or toothpicks)
  4. Marbelizing Tool
  5. Nail Art Brushes

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