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Manhattan Apartment fire leads to explosion, injuries

East Harlem apartment building explodes and then collapses, breaking now!
East Harlem apartment building explodes and then collapses, breaking now!
Adnan Islam

UPDATED-There has been an explosion at a Manhattan Apartment building in East Harlem. Part of the structure has collapsed and at least one person is being treated in the ER. Others are believed to be trapped inside the structure and possibly in the rubble.

The apartment building is a 6 story building, and residents describe seeing smoke and hearing a loud explosion from the 116th St. and Park Ave. dwelling at around 9:30 this morning.

You can tune into ABC News or NY Post as well as many local news stations to follow the story.

The extent of damage, injuries and whether or not there are any causalities still remain unknown. However, numerous injuries have been confirmed.

Metro train services are not working in the area.

The cause of the explosion remains unknown at this time.

See up to date tweets and updates.


Two people are confirmed dead what is thought to be a gas explosion in an East Harlem apartment building. NY bomb squad is on the scene, and a witness says this is not the first incident but the first major one in the area.

At least 16 others have been injured, and there is no way to tell how many may still be in the rubble. Trained professionals are on the scene trying to get anyone who may be trapped out.

Officials are about to give a live news conference from New York.

There is no suspected terrorism.

The Conference

NY Mayor says that "there is a lot to tell about this situation." Two buildings were destroyed and surrounding buildings damages due to a gas leak. It is a 5 alarm response level, and a raging fire is trying to be contained. There was no warning for residents in the buildings. Other than 15 minutes earlier where a gas leak was reported to the company. The explosion happened before the gas company arrived. All gas veins are being shut off to the buildings as we speak.

The Mayor called it "a tragedy of the worst kind" because there was no warning. There are now 18 confirmed injured and a number of missing people.

This will be an extended operation, and rescue operations are underway.

First respondents were on the scene in two minutes after the explosion.

People are searching for their missing loved ones, and the Mayor is telling people to call a special hotline that will be soon set up and in the mean time call 311.

President Obama has been made aware of the incident.

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