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Mangy Mutt Dog Haven offers quality, value and convenience

Evening and weekend hours makes Mangy Mutt convenient for all schedules.
Evening and weekend hours makes Mangy Mutt convenient for all schedules.

We love our dogs, even when they've rolled in something foul, scratch us with over-long toenails, play "you can't catch me" at the sight of brush or comb, or lick us while breathing stinky breath into our faces. When you need a little help keeping your best friend clean, tidy, and smelling great, Middletown's newest grooming studio, Mangy Mutt Dog Haven can come to the rescue.

Mangy Mutt groomer Amy Bessette holds a happy customer.
Photo by Susan Gertz

Mangy Mutt caters to busy schedules, with everything from self-service bathing to professional grooming available seven days a week and as late as 8 pm from Monday to Thursday. They even offer a dirty dog pick up and delivery service. This Examiner's shitzu mix, Darwin, is delighted that short haircuts from one of Mangy Mutt's wonderful groomers, Amy Bessette, have replaced an hour daily enduring detangling spray, brushes, combs, rubber bands, and girly-looking ponytails. (Apologies to all you shitzu guys sporting the traditional topknot...I'm sure Mangy Mutt can give you one of those!) As a dog under 15 pounds, Darwin's service (bath, haircut, nail clip and teeth cleaning) costs $25.

Mangy Mutt also caters to special needs, providing our aged Finnish Lapphund, Beauty, with a wonderful bath and haircut when she was feeble and had trouble standing. Other grooming studios had complained that Beauty was too much trouble because she kept falling down. She looked so pretty in the trademark lei Mangy Mutt sends all dogs home wearing that we left it on for the last month of her life.

As devoted dog parents, we want to be sure the grooming studio we use is safe, clean and loving. For more advice on choosing a groomer, read What to Look for in a Dog Groomer from WebMD's veterinary expert. Then, visit or call Mangy Mutt and decide for yourself if its right for you and your dog. Mangy Mutt is located at 1226 Elliot Drive, Middletown, Ohio. The phone number is 513-423-MUTT (6888); e-mail is Tell them Darwin sent you.