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Mango Madness SkinCare: Review

Mango Madness SkinCare
Mango Madness SkinCare
Mango Madness SkinCare

Mango Madness SkinCare is a company, which was founded to tend to our feminine complexions, wrinkles, spots and all. They are a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau and owner G.W. Myers invites you to do your research on the presented ingredients. All products are cruelty free and buyers do have the luxury of a 90 day guarantee.

Recently, we had the pleasure of checking out four of Mango Madness SkinCare products.

One of these was, "Refresh Me™ Dark Circle Cream with Vitamin K" and its purpose is to revitalize eye appearance. It gets rid of shadows and dark circles. It also brings back firmness and smoothness. It works too! We are very pleased with this product. You simply cannot do any better for the money.

The next product is "Retinol Skin Cream" and its purpose is to remove aging signs, rebuild collagen and to reduce wrinkles, age spots and fine lines. We've been using the products for three weeks now and we do have subtle differences in our face. However, they are enough to warrant the continuation of product usage.

Maximum Moisture™ Super Hyaluronic Face Cream feels incredible on the skin. It makes the face tingle, just a bit. It really felt that our face was immediately tightened up. It's not greasy and makeup application afterwards is not the least bit difficult. We will be sad when this runs out.

The last product is the Peptide 6® Wrinkle Cream and this is a product which Dr. Oz himself would recommend as he has stated that peptides are excellent for smoother skin. Here again, we are in love with the (so far) subtle facial differences this product makes.

The package design for all Mango Madness SkinCare is excellent. The products are simple, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Yes, they lack glitter, sparkles and studs. However, the line was not designed for the 19 and a little older crowd. It was designed for women our age.

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