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Mandy Jiroux: Dancing in her own spotlight

Mandy Jiroux
Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

One look at Mandy Jiroux’ seemingly effortless performances on the dance floors of stage and screen and you have to assume that missteps are few and far between, if admitted to at all. But when pressed, Ms. Jiroux will say that it hasn’t always been perfect.

“There has been one time where I forgot the choreography on stage and ran off,” she said, “but that was when I was in the seventh grade. (Laughs) But it (dancing) is just second nature. Once you have it in your body, it never leaves.”

These days, the multi-talented Californian has her dance moves on display in the video for the single “Tonight,” produced by Fagault & Marina and remixed by Starkillers. Call it the summer “vacation” project for the 26-year-old, who is keeping busy as she amps up her budding music career.

“This summer we’re focused on the release of these two features I’m doing,” she said. “One is called “Tonight” and the other one “My Forever.” But other than trying to release and set up these features, my main priority is making my own original music. We don’t have a set date of when the next single will be released, but it’s definitely coming in the near future.”

And in the meantime, there will be plenty to do on all fronts as she lives up to her intro as “Recording artist, DJ, dancer, choreographer.” So what would she choose if she could only pick one?

“Usually I just say I love them all equally, which it true,” she laughs. “However, if there was a gun to my head, I would have to definitely go back to where I first started, which was dancing. I started dancing when I was three years old and I never stopped. It’s something that I’m most passionate about, and I love it so much and I’m just a dancer.”

Even when she speaks about it, you can hear in her voice that when you take away everything else, dancing is where she finds her peace. She doesn’t deny it either.

“Dancing is just in my bones,” Jiroux said. “I absolutely love it and it’s not only about work or tours that I’ve been on or teaching. Sometimes I just like to dance in my room when I’m feeling sad. It constantly keeps inspiring me.”

With so much on her plate, Jiroux still maintains a cool about her that was forged in a fire of media and fan attention that has been a blessing and a curse for her ever since she burst on the scene with the Miley and Mandy Show web series with her friend Miley Cyrus. After that it was a stint with the Kris Jenner-managed group BG5, and through it all, Jiroux picked up some valuable lessons about life in the spotlight.

“The toughest thing about being in the public eye is that everyone has their opinions – some of them are good and some of them are bad, so I really have to try hard not to care about the negative comments and just know that any publicity is good publicity,” she said. “As long as people are talking about you, then you’re doing something right.”

A point of view like that only comes with experience, and Jiroux got her dose of it early.

“It all started when me and Miley were doing the Miley and Mandy Show. There were things like ‘Mandy is the worst influence ever on Miley,’ and I was like ‘are you kidding me?’ (Laughs) That’s when it started. Now I’m a little older and I know with that stuff you just have to ignore it. And that’s what I’m gonna end up doing.”

That’s okay, because she’s got plenty to keep her busy while the internet keeps buzzing.

“The best part of this is being able to wake up and do what I love every single day,” Jiroux said. “I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. This is what I’m passionate about and this is what I live for.”

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