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Mandatory Health Care Coverage & Anti-Smoking Laws - What about freedom of choice?


Health Care Reform - Act for a real difference, not profits

Forget about Republican and Democratic sides and think for yourself.

Health Care is something that should be up to an individual. The Quality of health and life you experience should be determined by the choices you make daily – not what others force upon you.

The current Health Care Reform debate is not about this at all. It is about insurance – making sure that if you go seek medical attention of any kind that those who treat you can get paid without bankrupting you.
The current system has failed. Does it need to be reformed? Absolutely.
But should you lose your freedom of choice to determine what you will pay for and how you are treated and who treats you?
President Obama argued that it is mandatory for you to have auto insurance. Your health and quality of life is more important than a car and covering your health should be mandatory also.
Point taken – Most people will agree our health is more important than any car. However, our quality of health and how we pay for it does not destroy property or harm anyone else’s physical well being if it gets out of control or an accident arises.  
There are other ways we can improve our Nations health without involving the insurance companies and defend our freedom of choice.
One difference (CHANGE) could be made by banning public smoking indoors and outdoors in every state.
The verdict is in – smoking will kill you and impact others health too!
The Surgeon General warns that smoking will cause cancer and can be devastating to unborn children.
How many pregnant mothers trying do right have inhaled second hand cigarette smoke? How many fires has cigarettes started destroying forests and personal property? How many of you will become ill or perhaps have cancer cells triggered in your body because of contact with second hand smoke?  
The point is smoking destroys property and harms everyone’s health who comes in contact with it. Those who choose not to smoke have to breathe in the toxins being exhaled from the smoker and off the end of the cigarette.
Your freedom of choice and lungs are molested everyday because others choose to throw their health away and big tobacco keeps turning profits.
Is that fair? Where are your rights when you really need them to protect you?
Government has a purpose – to protect your rights – not impose agendas. We the people need to make sure we hold our elected officials accountable and always speak our minds.
Forget who’s an Ass and Elephant – we're all Americans.  

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