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Mandatory free pot on the table in Berkeley

420 activist wearing a pot necklace
420 activist wearing a pot necklace
Photo by Meg Roussos/Getty Images

Marijuana has been a symbol of government over-regulation for almost 70 years. That has begun to change in recent years, with two states allowing recreational use and another 23 allowing medical use. But the left never sees freedom as its own reward, with pending legislation by the City of Berkeley to require dispensaries to give two percent of their cannabis to low income patients.

The weed they give away must be the good stuff, too. The ordinance states “Medical Cannabis provided under this Section shall be the same quality on average as Medical Cannabis that is dispensed to other members.”

Civil libertarians are quick to point out the irony here, and adding that it is most likely unnecessary. According to KCBS, at least one dispensary, The Berkeley Patients Group, has been giving it away to low income patients for fifteen years.

As former US Representative Dick Armey said, “liberals don’t care what you do as long as it is mandatory.” In other words, they are determined to create an issue where there is none, simply for the sake of making regulations.

This tactic has never backfired before, as car manufacturers, porn stars, and the most triumphant example, the war on drugs. As per usual, leftist officials can’t stand idly by and let people conduct their business in a way that is superior to what they intend to mandate.

Of course, Berkeley being what it is, there isn’t much opposition to the ordinance. So, once again, regulations will be put into place, taking what should be a celebration of a long overdue end to prohibitionism has turned into an opportunity for lawmakers to attempt to control business and mandate what people are already doing, but at a lower level. Don’t be too surprised if free pot for the poor actually decreases because of these rules.

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