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Mandalas or Sacred Circles

Mandalas are sacred circles and the word “mandala” is loosely translated from the Sanskrit as “circle.” They've been used for centuries as a meditation tool in Indian and Tibetan religions, but are also found in many other religious traditions, including Christianity. The beautiful rose windows seen in Gothic cathedrals are mandalas and Hildegard, a 12th century nun, created mandalas as a way to express the visions she had.

Saint Hildegard of Bingen was a nun who created mandalas as illustrations of her visions.

Mandalas can be used as a spiritual practice, as you can pray throughout the entire experience of coloring or creating a mandala. Printed mandalas can be found in coloring books or online; you can create your own mandala on paper or another medium. The Art Is Fun website has detailed instructions on how to design your own mandala.

Creating a mandala out of fabric can be done as a group activity. You can read about how elementary age children in the state of Washington created a mandala patchwork quilt on the Mandala Project website.

You will find a beautiful, vast collection of mandalas on Pinterest, such as the mandala board of Practical Church Resources. There are other mandala boards on Pinterest as well, along with numerous mandala books for purchase on Amazon.

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