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Manchester vet stated Fly most severe case of a starved dog he had ever seen

All of Fly's medical issues were treatable. This dog could have had a graceful old age had he been cared for properly.
Mercury/ Express News UK

David Lowe, 33, of Trentham Ave, Farnworth, Bolton, in Greater Manchester England was found guilty on Friday, in a Bolton Magistrates Court, of five counts of causing unnecessary suffering to a 15-year-old terrier dog named Fly, according to the Daily Express.

The case caused an international uproar, as dog lovers gasped at the emaciated photograph of a dog discovered last October by the RSPCA, after a tip informed the organization of a severely emaciated dog in Farnworth.

Fly was found in the kitchen of the home lying in his bed barely able to even lift his head.

In fact, Fly was so emaciated, his body score was rated a "0" on a scale of "1" to "5" with a "1" being emaciated. Veterinarian Angus McKenzie testified in court that Fly was the most emaciated and skeletal dog he had ever seen in his 30 years of practicing medicine.

Tragically, all of Fly's medical conditions were treatable if Lowe had sought veterinary help for the dog sooner. Lowe had also been given money by his former partner to take the dog to the vet to have Fly humanely euthanized if needed.

When the RSPCA seized Fly, the dog was severely dehydrated, had an abscess in his mouth, overgrown nails, diabetes, a heart murmur, and was starved as a result of total neglect.

Lowe now faces a fine, jail time and a possible ban on ever owning another pet. His attorney told the court Lowe had been homeless for four years and suffers from post traumatic stress.

Lowe is scheduled to be sentenced on April 16.

Fly had to be humanely euthanized to end his terrible pain.

Rest in peace beautiful dog. What a tragedy the last part of your life had to end in such an egregious manner.

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