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Manchester unschoolers register for life rocks conference now!

Life Rocks!
Life Rocks!
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Life Rocks and Manchester unschoolers know it's true! The Life Rocks radical unschooling conference takes place this year April 11th through 15th. The Martin family look forward to welcoming conference goers at the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort in North Conway, NH. The Red Jacket offers not only wonderful conference space, but also boasts the Kahuna Laguna indoor water park for conference goers to frolic in! Room rates include water park passes for each occupant.

Dayna Martin conceived the Life Rocks radical unschooling conference during a moment of inspiration. She shared, "Everything flowed! It was so fun and easy to put together! I'm looking forward to enjoying myself at this conference!". Martin, long time radical unschooling advocate and internationally published author said, "The time has come to shift the way we view children..They are souls that need to be nurtured and loved. We are all equal and deserving of respect. Obedience and punishment is old school. Partnership is the new paradigm. It is Now! How fortunate we are to be alive during this historic shift in human consciousness."

This year instead of heading to Florida for the same old April vacation join hundreds of radical unschoolers in North Conway where, you guessed it, Life Rocks!