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Manchester Unschoolers eligible to enter film contest!

Kids North Of Boston film festival
Kids North Of Boston film festival
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Do you know any kids age 6 through 13 who like to do film projects? Are you looking for a creative way to showcase your child's learning? Are you creating a film as part of their digital portfolio? If so, here is a fantastic opportunity for you!

The SNOB Film Festival is excited to announce the creation of the KNOB (Kids North of Boston) Film Session! KNOB was created to give budding young filmmakers a way to showcase their film/documentary on the big screen at the Red River Theatres in Concord, NH. Whether from north of Boston, or anywhere
else, if your kids like to make movies, this opportunity is for you!

Entrants are asked to submit films of good quality, no more than 7 minutes in length, for consideration. Topics for this year's festival include: the environment, social issues (i.e. - bullying, friendship) and New England History. Kids may also submit films outside of these categories. Groups are encouraged to include a cast and crew shot after the end of their film, so even those behind the camera get on-screen recognition.

The films selected to be shown at KNOB will be screened on Saturday, November 20th from 8:30am-11:30am at the Red River Theatres. Tickets for adults are available at standard festival prices and packages. Student (K-8) tickets are $1 for each KNOB Film Block. All tickets will be available at the box office or through the Red River Theatres website. Students whose films are selected will also have the opportunity to win a KNOBBY Award to proudly display. All films that are selected to be screened in the film festival may appear on a KNOB DVD, available to purchase, pending appropriate permissions are granted.

Submitting a film for the KNOB Film Session is FREE!!! The submission fee for KNOB films has been waived for students, K through Grade 8. Please submit 2 copies of film on DVDs or (h.264 codec), accompanied by the official submission form. No film will be accepted without full names and
signed permission slips for all students appearing onscreen. The deadline to submit films is November 1, 2010.

For specific inquiries related to the KNOB Film Session, please contact the Kids North of Boston Director, Jenn Doherty.


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