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Manchester Planned Parenthood assaults neighbors with illegal sign

Last week Manchester resident Greg Salts posted a very informative video showing how SB 319 – the Buffer Zone bill – would affect the Manchester neighborhood in which he lives and shares with a Planned Parenthood clinic. The video is almost a mini documentary in which he thoroughly explains the issues that would be caused if the bill is passed by the New Hampshire House. Within a couple of days of the video being talked about and reported on in Manchester, Planned Parenthood decided to assault the residents and put up a huge, unnecessary sign on the side of their building.

A couple of days after the video was put up - this sign was added to the side of the building
Photo by Greg Salts
Planned Parenthood's vindictive behavior
Photo by Greg Salt's

You can clearly see in the video that there is no sign on the side of the building facing the residential side of the street. Salts shows that he uses his front yard for BBQs and birthday parties because he has no backyard. How would someone feel to see photos of their young daughter’s birthday party with a huge Planned Parenthood sign in the background? Is the Manchester Planned Parenthood run by spiteful little fools who believe disrespecting their neighbors will somehow gain them goodwill?

Salts isn't talking negatively about Planned Parenthood and even explained that he wouldn’t tolerate protesters harassing anyone going into the facility. His issue is with SB 319 and how it will affect the neighborhood. The protesters have always been peaceful and Planned Parenthood has had no issues with any of the residents that live across the street. It's clear they saw the video because he appreciatively mentions how there are no huge signs on the side of the building. So Planned Parenthood thought it best to disrupt the harmony with their neighbors by deciding to illegally plaster a huge sign facing all of the residential homes.

That’s right, Planned Parenthood put up their sign illegally because they didn’t have a building permit. The building inspector was called. He investigated and by Friday the sign was removed. Whether you support Planned Parenthood or not you can’t deny this behavior on their part is not only childish and vindictive but shows how little they care for the residents in their neighborhood. They care little about the businesses in their neighborhood who could potentially be damaged if SB 319 passes the House. If you didn’t need another reason to tell your Representatives why SB 319 shouldn’t be passed, you have one. Imagine if Planned Parenthood was your neighbor and they treated you this way.

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