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Manchester officer thwarts possible robbery attempt

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Manchester police arrested a man Thursday on firearms charges after the department received a report of a suspicious man near a local pawn shop. Officers believed the man and two juvenile companions were casing the shop for a possible robbery attempt, according to a Friday press release by the Manchester Police Department.

Police said Joshua Stone, 23, is charged with the misdemeanors, Carrying a Firearm without a License and Changing Marks.

The release stated that at approximately 11:30 a.m. Thursday multiple officers responded to Good Still Pawns, located at 126 Kelley Street for a report of a suspicious person. The owner apparently felt a patron was acting in a suspicious manner, so responding officers, both plain clothed and uniformed, flooded the area in an attempt to locate and speak with the suspicious party.

As officers combed the area, Detective Mike Valenti located two subjects seated in a parked SUV on Kelley Street in close proximity to the pawn shop who he felt were acting suspiciously based on their mannerisms and actions. Detective Valenti approached the vehicle and during a brief investigatory stop, positively identified two juveniles. Officer Caldwell then arrived on the scene to assist.

Meanwhile a third subject, later identified as Joshua Stone, a Vermont Resident, currently staying in Manchester had exited the store and approached the officers on the scene. After Stone consented to a search of the vehicle, officers located a handgun and other items inside the Vermont Registered SUV. The handgun had a partial serial number and appeared to have been tampered with.

Stone did not have a license to carry a handgun in the State of New Hampshire, therefore he was placed under arrest.

Based on the investigation, it appeared that Stone and his cohorts were casing the pawn shop in an attempt to commit a robbery. The Good Still Pawn shop had been the victim of a robbery as recently as September of 2013.

Sources: Manchester Police Department

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