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ManBQue book release party at Hot Doug's

The ManBQue Cookbook
The ManBQue Cookbook

Chicago-based grilling organization ManBQue is celebrating the release of it's first cookbook with a meat-and-beer themed shindig, "Hooky at Hot Doug's", on Tuesday. The event kicks off at 2:30 p.m. at Hot Doug's Sausage Superstore and Encased Meat Emporium (3324 N. California Ave.) and is BYOB. The restaurant will feature a ManBQue inspired sausage as its celebrity sausage this week in honor of the event.

"ManBQue: Meat. Beer. Rock and Roll" ($22, Running Press, 256 pages) will be available at the event or for preorder on Co-authored by two of ManBQue's founders, Jesse Valencia and John Carruthers, it features 120 recipes, focusing on grilled and smoked meats. There are chapters on grilling basics, beer selection, and basic meat groups such as burgers, steaks, wings and sausages. The group's DIY ethic stands out in the chapter on made-from-scratch seasonings and sauces, as well as in recipes for homemade pretzels, tortillas, and even pita bread.

Carruthers will be on hand at the event to sign books and discuss recipes, as well as providing tastes of Lake Effects Brewing Company's Unholy Mole Stout. Co-author Valencia collaborated with Lake Effects' Clint Bautz to create the beer, based on one of the group's signature sauces. The sauce, "Unholy Mole", is of course a recipe in the book, and one of the ingredients of the featured sausage, "The ManBQue".

According to Carruthers, the cheese-stuffed sausage is a version of the group's competition-winning Sonoran hot dog. It comes topped with bacon, duck cracklings, and Unholy Mole sauce. The recipe is in the book under the name "The Trash Talker". According to the accompanying story, one of the group's competitors (an unnamed restauranteur) took to social media to disparage other entrants. "Our response was this dog," the pair write. "It won both the judge's decision and the popular vote among attendees."

Get a taste of the sausage - and the book - at "Hooky at Hot Doug's" on April 22.