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Manatee animal services shelter needs immediate change

Vote for No  Kill advocates
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There has been another questionable incident at the Manatee County Animal Services concerning the euthanasia of a stray pit bull that was recently picked up in the community. The shelter has been bombarded with messages from citizens who manage the FaceBook page for Support No Kill Manatee County. There were attempts by citizens who were attempting to find a rescue organization who would take this dog when notice was finally received that this dog was at the shelter. According to some of the citizens, no one knew about the dog's presence at the shelter. Citizens believe that this shelter has a history of hiding animals from the public as a convenience to the shelter to quickly euthanize seemingly unwanted animals. This practice violates the true protocol for a No Kill Shelter.

The dog appeared to have been abused by unknown persons, and was described as very timid. The correct protocol for a true No Kill shelter is that a professionally trained person should be employed by the shelter who is skilled in evaluating intake animals. The citizens of the community who have monitored this shelter believe that the shelter does not have a person who is trained to evaluate the temperament of an intake animal. This dog was evaluated by a shelter employee as being aggressive and not able to be adopted. According to statements from citizens who have monitored this shelter, this evaluation was done only as a convenience to the shelter as an excuse to euthanize the dog.

The Manatee County Animal Services animal control shelter has been under scrutiny for many months. They are currently being audited by an outside company for their practices in treatment of animals. This latest incident adds to the community's demands for immediate change in shelter management.

Primary elections are coming up in Manatee County. The citizens are actively engaged in pursuing the election of new commissioners who whole-heartedly support the true No Kill movement to stop the needless killing of animals at this shelter. The killing must stop for animals in this shelter who cannot speak for themselves.

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