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Managing your Weight Loss Expectations

Goals and Expectations

Properly managing your expectations with realistic short and long-term goal setting is one of the important keys to your success. Many times, we set goals for ourselves that are too aggressive. Although we are convinced that this effort will be different this time, the road we choose is usually too difficult to maintain. This generally leads to the viscous cycle of start and stops dieting and exercise fads. Setting short-term goals is especially important because long-terms goals do not allow us to celebrate achievement along the way, thus leaving us feeling discouraged. This book is based on the long-term principle “because you can do it and keep doing it, makes it the right plan for you.”

You will come to realize that getting to your goals is not as difficult (or as easy) as popular marketing tells you. There is no magic, but it does take planning and consistency. It is not necessary to be so restrictive and hard on yourself both physically and mentally but it is necessary to have to expect more from yourself in your decision making.

EVERYTHING works and then it stops working. The workout that allowed us to lose 10 lbs., the bottle of pills that temporarily shed a few more, the restrictive diet that ended up being excessively hard to follow; all of these methods are a short-term fix to a long-term goal.

The first lesson is CONSISTENCY.
Consistency is achieved by following Realistic, Progressive, and Maintainable strategies for long-term results. This is the cornerstone of the R.P.M. weight loss philosophy.
In the end, you are free to choose what you do or do not do. The decisions you make and the habits that you form determine your outcome. That means that you are in control, you are responsible for your actions. This is both a powerful and an empowering statement.

Lesson - You CONTROL your environment; your environment does not have control over you.
Finally, the third lesson is - PLAN. You have to be aware of your surroundings and make a plan that is realistic for you. Any good plan has a direct route and an infinite number of alternate routes. We all know that perfection does not exist, so stop trying to hold you to the perfect plan. You will ultimately fail. For long-term success, I recommend that you think in terms of “better bad” not perfect. Look for ways to enjoy life's little pleasures but be accountable for your actions. Look for ways to move more during the day, not only in the gym but at the office and at home as well.

Most importantly, stay positive. Remember that one meal does not “blow it” and missing one workout does not destroy your week or make it impossible to achieve the goal that you chose. The only way you will not succeed long-term is by giving up.

To your success,

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