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Managing your OLS Schedule

Have some fun outside?
Have some fun outside?
Emily L. Goodman

One of the best advantages to a virtual education instead of a brick and mortar education is your ability to manage your days off according to your liking. Look over the schedule. See some days off that don’t work for you? You have the ability to change them with just a click of your mouse. Have a day or two that you need to take off? You’ll have to subtract some vacation days somewhere else, but it’s as easy as the click of a button. You have the final control over your child’s schedule. As long as they attend school for 180 days over the course of the school year, then you have the freedom to choose how those days are arranged.

Of course, you don’t want to arbitrarily change days around throughout most of the regular school year. Your child will need to attend class connect sessions most of the time; and while there are often recordings available for students to listen to if they couldn’t attend the regular session, there are benefits to attending the live session that simply can’t be acquired in the recording. Live teacher help and interaction with their classmates are very important to your children’s educational progress. On the other hand, if you’d rather work through a “day off” in the middle of the week and take Friday off instead, there’s no reason not to keep right on learning through that day and mark a different one on your calendar.

If this is your plan, there are just two things that you need to do: mark it in the online system, and contact your child’s teacher and let them know your intentions and when you intend to make the day up. In general, it’s better to work through a scheduled day off and then take another day off later, but that can be reversed if necessary.

To change it in your plan, log in to the online system. On your dashboard, you will find a link that says “plan.” Click on it, and choose the option labeled “schedule setup.” This will take you to a calendar. Shaded days are days that the system has given you off. White days are days that you are expected to attend school. Clicking in these boxes will change their status.

However, be sure that you communicate your plans to your child’s teacher! Your teacher will help you maintain a reasonable full-year schedule, as well as letting you know if you’re attempting to mark off days that will later be important for other reasons.