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“Managing the Flow of Information in This Electronic Age”

The HOA professionals of today, for the most part, are highly trained, thanks to organizations like CAI. This was not always the case, in the 80’s when I began my career, we flew by the seat of our pants, we went into the field with a pager, carrying a pocket full of change, stopping to find a payphone (“pager “for those of you under thirty Google it); we worked with little to no historical knowledge and/or case law to draw from, with few, if any standard informational sources. Even CAI had only been founded in 1973. I remember the first time we shared a printer in “DOS” , oh how amazing, anyway!

Today we are attached to our smart phones, ipads, tablets, laptops, netbooks, etc. with instant access to incredible amounts of information and available social media outlets. We Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, maybe even a Blog or two, all at the speed of light, and I wish my car would stop talking to me when I’m on the phone, anyway!

With these tools comes the expectation to respond immediately to the onslaught of electronic communication at all hours of the day. We have organizations to provide training material, shared historical knowledge and industry wide efforts focused in many, many areas. So this has gotten easy, things are going great, right?

One thing that has not changed is the available time frame to accomplish day-to-day management. We must be focused and have a plan regarding our personal and professional social media information management. The pitfalls are many for poor planning, once something is sent, updated, emailed; there is no “oops” key. Take the time to understand and pick your methods of social media carefully. Remember your personal and professional lives are intertwined electronically. The company and the industry you represent rely on your credibility. Take a moment and really think about how you manage your electronic self.

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