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Managing first date stress

Guys, you can never go wrong with bringing along a single long-stemmed red rose!
Guys, you can never go wrong with bringing along a single long-stemmed red rose!

A first date.  Those three little words are often enough to strike fear into the heart of the most outgoing person.  The first date is an enigma of possibility, angst, and anticipation.  There are a variety of outcomes, and until you go out with a person for the first time, you have no way of knowing which of them you will end up with.  This event is viewed around the world with a considerable amount of consternation.

The statement "life is what you  make it" is exceptionally true when it comes to dating.  It can be awkward for everyone, however, you need to be in control of the situation and to make it go the way that you want.  For instance, if your date is a little shy, be sure to respect this and ask questions about life and what he or she likes to do for fun.  Do not make fun of a person or write them off before you are able to paint a complete picture of the individual that they are.

Every first date has the potential to become a relationship.  If the thought of dating discourages you, remember to look at it this way, and to realize that every person is a possible match for you.  The best thing anyone can do when on a first date is to realize that they and the other person are generally equally nervous.  The two people may be at different levels as to how well they handle that nervousness, but it is a constant in almost every instance.  Understand this and do not berate yourself for feeling this way.  When you think about the fact that the other person is apprehensive as well, it makes it esier to be yourself and to ease up a little more.  Once you calm down, your date will too.

To sum up the last few minutes you've spent reading--relax! If your date truly is horrible, you dont have to go out with that person ever again.  However, if you give the person a chance, each and every date has the possiblity to turn into something wonderful.