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Manage diabetes properly 2014

It is essential to manage diabetes properly in order to maintain your quality of life and minimize additional health problems while living with the condition.

About Diabetes. One of the more common types of diabetes for adults is Diabetes 2. If you fall within that category, you may have a history of diabetes in your family. Your body is not able to produce enough insulin or the insulin is not working right. With Type 2 Diabetes, most likely you were given a medication in order normalize the elevated levels of insulin to regain balance in the body. If you have recently been diagnosed with this disease, the two most important things that you can do for yourself are modify your diet and get adequate exercise.

Diabetes Diet. As you are monitoring your blood glucose levels every day, you should also make it a habit to review your sugar intake. Make sure that you are staying aware of your refined sugar consumption along with simple carbohydrates in your diet. Aim for a low fat diet that avoids too much meats and processed foods. Opt for wholesome and rich nutritional foods that will give you energy for your day. Leafy green vegetables, nuts and fruits will be your constant companions. Try eating smaller meals throughout the day to stabilize your blood sugar level as well.

Exercise for Diabetes. If you are not used to exercising, consider setting a small goal of moving your body at least 20 minutes a day. Use your diagnosis of Diabetes 2 not as a setback but a motivating force. Experiment with taking the stairs or walking longer distances. Make sure you wear proper exercise footwear or diabetic shoes if necessary to protect your feet. You can challenge yourself every day and reward yourself when you achieve your goals. Remember that you have the power to control your glucose levels and become better aware of your body's needs.

Manage diabetes properly so you can live a long, fulfilling life.

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