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Man with the last name 'Cocaine' arrested on drug charges

A man named Edward Cocaine was arrested on drug charges in Florida. Cocaine went before a judge to try and explain his last name, the judge very surprised to have seen that last name listed on the man's legal paperwork. Thinking that this man must have had it tough throughout his life, the judge chuckled and asked the man just how many times he'd been asked to step out of his vehicle when he was stopped by police. Cocaine said it occurred just about every time he got pulled over.

Cocaine was arrested on drug charges not related to cocaine (wouldn't that have been ironic), but to Xanax. It's unclear how much he had on his person or why exactly he had been arrested. The media mainly focused on the guy's crazy last name. Cocaine told the judge that when his family came to the U.S. from Greece, they changed their last name to "Cocaine" and alas that's what he has been stuck with ever since.

The judge released Mr. Cocaine without bail and it looks like he will be going back to living his "normal" everyday life.

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