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Man with 132 lb. scrotum dies: Wesley Warren dead at 49, cause of death unknown

The man who made nationwide headlines when it was revealed he had 132-lb. scrotum has died at the age of 49. Wesley Warren Jr. went into the hospital last year weighing 552 lbs. and after having his testicle removed, he was 200 lbs. lighter, according to Huffington Post in an updated article March 16.

Wesley Warren has died at 49. His claim to fame was his 132 lb. scrotum. He made various appearances on talks shows because of his enlarged sex organ.e
YouTube screen shot

He came out of the hospital after that surgery feeling better. He said that an injury to his right testicle in 2008 first enlarged his scrotum. When he woke up the day after he was injured his scrotum was the size of a “honeydew melon.” He also said that “My personal hell was just beginning.”

Each month Warren’s scrotum gained about three pounds. Without health insurance, medical help was limited. When he became famous for his “freakish bulge” things fell into place, like an appearance on Dr. Oz which helped him raise money for the surgery he needed.

His sex organ was so big that he had to wear an upside down hoodie as pants. The hood was used as a sling for his scrotum. He was on Howard Stern and a few other shows when people started to criticize the man saying he was more interested in fame than he was getting the surgery to fix his problem.

During the last year of his life, Warren’s roommate reported that he had two heart attacks. He also said that he had diabetes. His roommate did not believe that the scrotum surgery had anything to do with his death. His official cause of death was not announced as of yet.

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