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Man who tattooed his sedated dog is no longer working at tattoo shop

Via Instagram

The man who tattooed his sedated dog, and then bragged about his canine's new ink on Instagram, is no longer working at the Red Legged Devil tattoo parlor in Prospect Heights, N.Y., reported Friday's New York Post.

Alexander Avgerakis, aka "Mistah Metro," quit his job after outraged animal welfare advocates bashed his rash decision to put a heart tattoo on his dog, "Zion," while she was knocked out after a surgery to remove her spleen.

Chris Torres, owner of the tattoo parlor, was okay with Mistah Metro's departure, telling the Post:

He quit. He texted me yesterday and told me he was going to lay low for a while. I’m not protesting that. I can’t have him back here,

Though Zion's owner did not break any laws by putting the garish ink on his dog, he did make a lot of people angry.

Though Torres does not want Mistah Metro working at his tattoo shot, he did defend him as a dog owner, pointing out that Zion was in surgery because she was having a cancerous mass removed from her spleen and if Avgerakis did not care about his dog, he would not have spent thousands of dollars on the procedure.

It is not illegal to tattoo a dog, though it is frowned upon if it is done for reasons other than identification.

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