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Man who ran over estranged wife's dog is charged with felony animal cruelty

Michael D. Parker
Hawthorne PD

A Sherman Oaks, Calif., man who was caught on surveillance video running over his estranged wife's dog, has been charged with felony animal cruelty, reported Thursday's Daily Breeze.

Michael David Parker, 45, is accused of using his car as a deadly weapon in the killing of a five-year-old Chihuahua named "Cow Cow," back on Dec. 28.

A surveillance video captured the terrible scene, which took place in a Hawthorne alley.

In the footage, Parker can be seen walking to the rear of his luxury sedan and then he returns to the driver's seat. The dog, who was presumably stowed in the trunk of the car, runs in front of the vehicle and Parker appears to back up and then aim the car directly at the little dog.

The impact from the speeding car left Cow Cow with life-ending injuries.

The cruel act is believed to be tied to a bitter divorce between Michael Parker and his estranged wife, Olga.

In addition to the felony animal cruelty charge, Parker is charged with felony animal neglect and petty theft; according to the District Attorney's Office, if convicted, he faces up to five years and two months in state prison.

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