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Man who poured hot sauce on puppy gets one year in the county slammer

Eprhian Myles,47, a Florida man will spend a year in jail and 18 months of probation for pouring hot sauce on his girlfriend’s dog. On Thursday, he pleaded no contest to animal cruelty in the courtroom of Judge Donna Berlin. Myles must also complete an anger management course, and he cannot own or reside in a home with pets. He is also forbidden to have any contact with the dog’s previous owner.

Gizmo the puppy survived a hot sauce assault and has since been adopted.
Sarasota Police Dept.

On February 23, Myles became angry at Gizmo, his girlfriend’s 3 month-old Dachshund-Chihuahua mix, and poured hot sauce on the puppy. The hot sauce got inside the puppy’s eyes and throat.

The previous owner took the puppy to a local fire station after it experienced difficulty breathing and issues with its eyes. A veterinarian treated the lucky puppy. The puppy recovered from the attack and has since been adopted by a new owner. More details about this story can be found at the Herald Tribune website.

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