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Man who killed family over Selena Gomez obsession declared mentally incompetent

On Friday, the Daily News reported that an Oklahoma County District Judge decided on Thursday that Daniel Greene, 40, isn’t mentally competent to stand trial for killing four family members last August. Allegedly, Greene killed his family because they stood in the way of his obsession with celebrity Selina Gomez.

An obsessed fan killed four family members for standing in the way of his obsession with celebrity Selena Gomez (pictured).
Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Greene is accused of killing his mother Sallie Green, 57; sister, Rebecca Cizek, 34; niece Katherine Cizak, 16; and 7-month-old nephew Amario.

Judge Glenn Jones ruled that Greene isn’t competent enough to help his defense attorney in preparing his defense.

Based on postings to his Facebook page, Greene declares his love for the young celebrity. He says he loves her more than his family and would like her to accompany him on a trip to Mars.

The Daily News provides two strange Facebook posts written by Greene to Gomez. In a 2011 Facebook post, he threatened Justin Bieber, a Gomez acquaintance.

For now, Green will remain in an Oklahoma mental facility until his competency can be restored. Greene has been diagnosed with schizophrenia.

Read more about this story at the Daily Mail website.

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