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Man who accused Aaron Hernandez of shooting him is shot again

Alexander Bradley, who accused Hernandez of shooting him in the face, has been shot again outside a Connecticut nightclub.
Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images

Alexander Bradley accused Aaron Hernandez of shooting him just about a year ago outside a strip club in Florida. On Feb. 3, ESPN reports that Bradley has been shot again. This time the incident took place outside of a Connecticut club. Maybe Alexander Bradley should stay away from clubs.

According to the report, Bradley was shot multiple times in the leg after being hustled out of Hartford, Conn. club Vevo. After a disturbance in inside the club escalated, someone came outside and shot him.

Hartford police said that Bradley then went to his vehicle and returned with his own gun. He fired shots at the club and then sped off in a vehicle. Upon being stopped by police, Bradley fell out of his vehicle, suffering from his own gunshot wounds.

It is unclear if Bradley was an intended target or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. No reports have tried to link this most recent shooting to Aaron Hernandez or any of his people at this time.

Bradley has not been charged for his conduct in the shooting at this time. His gun was recovered from his vehicle and once he is released from the hospital, he most likely will be booked and charged for his part in the shooting.

Aaron Hernandez and Alexander Bradley have both been linked to a Boston double homicide in 2012. More than likely, that incident is what led to Hernandez allegedly shooting Alexander in the face. Hernandez recently was questioned about that shooting and refused to speak on it, invoking his fifth amendment rights.

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