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Man walks into McDonald’s with knife in back saying his farewells on cell phone

A man walked into a New York City McDonald’s with a large knife stuck in his back and a shirt stained with blood from the wound. The guy shocked the breakfast crowd in this crowed Queen’s McDonald’s, especially because he seemed calm, according to the New York Post on June 24.

Man walks into McDonald's with a knife in his back saying his good byes to loved ones over his cell phone.
Video Grab from CBS NY 2

The wounded man was talking on his cell phone as he walked into the fast-food restaurant at about 10 a.m. by himself. Andrew Hardy, 53, was “cool and calm” even though he had a knife stuck in his back, said his friend Michel Green.

Green said he was going to pull the knife out of Hardy’s back for him but a McDonald’s customer yelled “No, no! It might have hit an artery." Witnesses said that Hardy seemed to be saying his final farewells to the people on the other end of the cell phone.

Tromaine Yancy, who was in McDonald’s at the time, said he was “pretty sure he was on the phone talking to someone in his family or a loved one.” According to USA Today the guy seemed completely oblivious to the people around him. Folks jaws were dropping and he was intent on saying his last words to whoever he was talking to on the phone.

Hardy continued on with his phone conversation saying that this may be the last time they hear from him and he just wanted them to hear his voice one more time. Because the knife was protruding out of his back, the last thing anyone wanted to see was this guy fall backward.

People put down their food to help Hardy stay steady on his feet until the paramedics arrived. Apparently Hardy was stabbed a few blocks away while trying to break up a mob of men hurling glass bottles at each another. After he was stabbed he walked into the McDonald’s filled with commuters from the Long Island Railway, the subway and AirTrain passengers.

Hardy was stumbling around outside of the McDonald’s before walking in and he drew a small crowd around him. Green said he walked over to him and said:

“Mike, man, I was stabbed in the back, man.” Green said he was shaking because he was scared. This was Hardy’s lucky day because after the paramedics rushed him to the hospital he was released later that day.

He told the media that he was glad he survived and that he was attacked from behind.
Hardy lives on and off with his mother and when the 78-year-old woman got word of her son’s stabbing she had just come from a funeral. She was upset and worried but happy once she found out it wasn't serious. She said her son just “drinks a little” and is not a “trouble maker."

The man who stabbed Hardy is still at large, witnesses said the man was wearing a white suit.

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