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Man wakes up inside body bag at funeral home

A funeral director and coroner got the scare of his life when a man he was about to embalm woke up inside the body bag and began kicking to get out. The man had been pronounced dead by the coroner arrived at his home and found he did not have a pulse.

Walter Williams was pronounced dead then work up in embalming room.

Walter Williams, 78, was found in his home and the coroner couldn’t find any pulse and declared him dead. Williams was then transported to the funeral home.

Funeral director Bryon Porter spoke to WAPT regarding the situation. Porter said, “He was not dead, long story short. “ Williams’ nephew, Eddie Hester said, “I stood there and watched them put him in a body bag and zip it up.”

Holmes Count Coroner Dexter Howard stated that once at the funeral home, Williams began to breathe. Williams has a defibrillator that could have fired up his heart again and he began to kick at the bad.

Howard contacted the paramedics who transported Williams from the funeral home to the hospital. Williams has been receiving treatment at the hospital and is now in stable condition.

His daughter, Mary Williams said that all her father said of the incident was that, “He thought he was asleep. Then he woke up in the hospital. He doesn’t remember any of it, really.”

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