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Man uses vacuum cleaner to rid coyote from home

Coyote feeding on elk carcass.
Coyote feeding on elk carcass.
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Although David Easthope and his family were planning to move out of their home in Arbour Lake, Canada in a few days, and were already packed to go, they did not expect anyone to move in before they were gone. However, he and his wife were more than startled to find a coyote checking the place over last Tuesday evening.

According to Easthope, he discovered the coyote coming in through the back door, then checking out the kitchen before heading for the livingroom of their first floor condo. After locking his baby daughter and pet cat in the bathroom, he moved to evict the unwanted guest, armed only with a vacuum cleaner.
"He grabbed our Dyson vacuum, turned it on with the knowledge knowing that dogs and animals don't like the sound of the vacuum, and he chased it out the door," said wife Meaghan, who added that she just hoped the canine was not looking to snack on their cat when it came in.

According to local police (who came to make sure the intruder was really gone) “ missing cat posters in the area tend to coincide with coyote sightings.” Other areas where small pets are often taken by coyotes include parts of California and other western states where wild animals are attracted by garbage cans in residential areas.