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Man tries to pay for meal at Applebee's using 'trillion dollar' bill

A man from South Carolina tried paying for a recent meal using a trillion dollar bill. According to a video report by Buzz60, police were called after not coming up with any "real" money to pay for his Valentine's Day dinner. The man was taken into police custody on a separate charge for being held in contempt in court.

Of course it was obvious that the man was attempting to use "fake" money to pay for his meal. It's unknown if any charges have been brought against him but if he was printing the fake money, he could be in really hot water. If he actually thought that he'd get away with paying for his meal this way, well maybe he has even more problems that a court won't really help him with.

The man might have been trying to impress his date but, really, he just looked foolish. Check out the video above for more on this story.

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