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Man tries to get dog to bite bystanders by kicking and punching dog

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A man, who bystanders described as "drugged out," was allegedly observed kicking, punching and choking his dog in Gainesville, Fla., reported Tuesday's publication of the Gainesville Sun.

According to witnesses, 34-year-old Rene Paul Cohn Jr., was abusing his dog, described as a pit bull, in a bizarre attempt to get the dog to bite people in the area.

One bystander, who attempted to stop Cohn, was bitten by the dog - the dog's owner then allegedly choked the dog to the point that the dog was trembling and defecated.

Kami Hotchkiss, a witness, described the disturbing scene:

The owner was completely drugged out of his mind. He was dragging this pit bull trying to get it to attack us. The dog was not doing anything to anybody, period. It was a nice dog,"

"He was beating it in the middle of the street. Everybody was arguing with this guy. These other guys came up and it was a big commotion."

Gainesville police eventually arrested Cohn near his home early Tuesday morning.

The dog who was being encouraged to "kill" those around him, was seized and taken to Alachua County Animal Services; he was taken to a veterinarian for an exam and was found to be in good condition.

The dog will be held as evidence - when and if he passes a temperament evaluation, he may be put up for adoption.

Cohn was taken to jail on multiple charges, including animal cruelty, aggravated battery, aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest without violence.

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