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Man trapped between train and station platform rescued by dozens of strangers

An Australian man trapped between a train and the station platform was helped free by dozens of commuters who pushed the train just enough to save his leg. Wednesday’s community effort at Stirling Station impressed members of the local transportation department by helping a fellow member of society in need.

Man gets trapped between train and station platform bound for Perth.
Twitter: @nicolastaylornz

The unnamed man managed to get his foot trapped in between the two-inch gap of the train car and the station platform, right where “mind the gap” was written on the ground. With his leg dangling below the train headed for Perth, station staff were alerted to the ensnared man and told the train’s conductor not to leave the station. Attempts to pull him free were useless; passengers thought they would be at the platform for hours.

The staff instructed the passengers to move to the far side of the train, thinking the shifted weight would move the car far enough from the platform to free the trapped man. When that didn’t work, everyone was ordered off the train. With the instruction of the station’s employees, dozens of commuters heaved the empty car with all their might while the man freed himself between the train and the platform. Instead of the presumed couple-hour delay, the unlikely mess ended up taking a little more than 10 minutes.

The man’s leg was not seriously injured, therefore he did not require medical attention. He boarded a different train later that same day.

Transperth spokesman, David Hynes, was rather uplifted by this rare occurrence. While almost everything he hears about regarding “poor behaviour” on public transport, it was nice to see a few dozen strangers work together for someone in need. The gap between the train and the platform meet all the accessibility requirements, though somehow this man managed to slip between the crack and get his leg trapped.

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