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Man torches home trying to kill a spider with a lighter and spray paint

It turns out that killing it with fire might not be such a good idea. While many people have joked about burning down their homes in response to finding a spider, one man has actually done it. Earlier today, Mirror reported that the Seattle man did not intend to catch his house on fire, but was merely using an exceptionally stupid method to kill a spider he had encountered in the laundry room of the house his family was renting.

Some people have been taking the 'kill it with fire meme' too literally.

The young man, whose name was not released, told officials that he had caused the fire while attempting to kill the spider using a can of spray paint and a lighter. First, the laundry room wall caught on fire, and then spread into the rest of the house. Neighbors watched as “giant clouds of smoke pour[ed] out of the windows."

City fire crews managed to extinguish the blaze on Tuesday evening, but the man's rental house sustained an estimated $60,000 in damages. He and his family are reportedly staying at a Red Cross shelter while repairs take place.

While the spider is probably dead, no people were injured.

This isn't the first case of a home being torched over its eight-legged residents this year. In January, a Northeast Indiana home was severely damaged when a man accidentally lit insulation on fire while burning spiderwebs in the basement with his blowtorch. Then in April, a Florida man set fire to his apartment complex while attempting to "burn the bugs in his home and computer.”

In yet another incident, which occurred just last month, a Kansas woman set fire to the duplex she was living in while trying to kill a spider with flaming dish towels.

If you think it's safe to kill spiders with fire outdoors, think again. Earlier this month, a California man (again, with a blow torch) caught fire dry plants, and then his family's home while burning spiderwebs in his backyard.

Remember kids, keep calm and don't kill it with fire.

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