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Man to Woman: Tips for a first date

Leslie Adams and Rob Dockery out on a date.
Leslie Adams and Rob Dockery out on a date.
Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

Ron is a tall, dark, and handsome man - honest. He is a 26 year-old professional. He is confident and has no qualms about speaking his mind.

However, he makes no claims in giving advice, "I'm not talking about every guy." He denies being the "nice guy," and admits that he, himself, could be nicer. But what Ron does know, is what a woman did or did not do on a first date that made an impression.


He begins, "She shouldn't wear a lot of make-up." Ron explains, "It makes us wonder what she's trying to hide." In Ron's opinion, a woman should be as natural as possible. He doesn't mind a little concealer and lipstick, but too much make-up reminds him of the circus. 


Once the conversation is flowing, there are three things that a woman should absolutely avoid talking about.

The first of which is ex-boyfriend(s), even if only in passing. "I don't want to know his name, what he does, or the things you guys did together."

The second thing, Ron continues, "When I ask you about your day, don't take this as an opportunity to unload about how awful your day was or talk about your boss, I am not your personal psychiatrist." Ron believes that this type of information is too much, too early on in a relationship.

The third and most fatal is when a woman points out her flaws. "Don't tell me you're fat or that you have a big nose." Ron says that most of the time, it is the woman who draws attention to something unnoticed. It was only then, did he start to focus on her flaw. Further, if he disagreed with her, he soon lost interest.  "A woman should really have confidence in the way she looks, have some confidence."


"It's nice if she reaches for her purse when the check comes."  This comes with a warning - a woman should absolutely be ready to pay for at least her half of the amount. This has two advantages. The first advantage is that if the guy likes you, then he will absolutely refuse to let you pay. "A guy will only let you pay if he is cheap or doesn't really like you." Either way, you want to let this one go. The second advantage is that when a woman does pay for half the check - when he makes it clear that he wants to pay for it - it automatically signals to the man that she does not like him.

Apparently this next one has been depicted in movies, but Ron swears it applies in real life. "It's adorable when you open the door for a woman and she reaches over to unlock your door for you." 


Finally, although it is true that woman have claimed their sexual freedom, in the realm of the first date, the only advancement is that the  "no kissing on a first date" has become "only kissing on the first date." Ron says that anything more will likely kill the chances of a meaningful relationship. "It makes me think that I'm no different from any other guy." 

A big thank you to Ron for his candor and willingness to help single women everywhere. Ron is a real live male living in and around Detroit. He takes really good of his dog and cat who he calls his "kids." His real name has been changed.