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Man tied up on plane after trying to smoke

Man tied up on plane after trying to smoke
Man tied up on plane after trying to smoke
Photo by: The Courier-Mail

A man was restrained on a plane after he repeatedly tried to smoke on a flight to Brisbane, Australia reported The Courier-Mail on January 2, 2014.

Mathias Jorg, 54, was tied up by the Emirates flight crew after he allegedly became aggressive after multiple attempts to get Jorg to quit smoking during Emirates flight 432 flight from Singapore to Brisbane.

Jorg, a German national, had his arms and legs tied up and was restrained in his seat.

Authorities took Jorg into custody after the flight landed in Brisbane around 1 am on Thursday.

Jorg appeared before the Brisbane Magistrates Court later that day, charged by Australian Federal Police with one count of assaulting crew, one count of assaulting crew affecting the performance of their duty and one count of smoking on an aircraft.

Bail was granted on the condition that Jorg surrender his passport to the Australian Federal Police and that he stay in Australia and not go within 100 meters of any place of international departure.

Through a German interpreter, Jorg protested the condition stating he didn’t “trust” the court’s conditions and claimed he was injured when he was tied up. He surrended his passport upon realized that he would not make bail.

Jorg is scheduled to reappear before the Brisbane Magistrates court on January 10.