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Man Thor loses his name and now his clothes to new woman Thor

Basically the same as old Thor just without a shirt and hammer
Basically the same as old Thor just without a shirt and hammer
Marvel Comics

What happens when you strip a God's armor and hammer away from him? You get exactly what is left. As you may have heard by now, Marvel's new Thor comic series will star a female Thor, effectively replacing the male Thor we all know and love. In the new concept art by artist Russell Dauterman, we catch a glimpse of life after separating with Mjolnir for the former God of Thunder.

Let's be honest, the new look is basically the old look without the hammer and armor.

Thor Odinson, as he will now refer to himself, probably could have obtained some nicer clothes or clothes in general considering he is still a God, even without Mjolnir. Maybe depression got the best of him and he decided to live life as a shirtless wanderer in Midgard.

The arm could be his new weapon of choice. While it appears Thor will have a metal prosthetic arm like the Winter Solider, it may just be a sheath of Asgard metal for him to fight with.

Of course this could be a rough sketch to showcase Thor going forward and it wouldn't be wise to look too deep into it. He could very well obtain a shirt in his new adventures as the former Thor still named Thor.

While we're on that subject, this is why superheroes all need codenames. Without them, things get ridiculous and critics begin to get sarcastic.

Thor is actually Thor's real name, but he's passing on the mantle of Thor to another person (in this case a woman) and she is taking on the name Thor? When Beta Ray Bill, Captain America and Storm wielded Mjolnir, they didn't take on the Thor name, so why would this new mysterious female take it instead of retaining her own alias?

It would be like DC Comic's Robin taking the name Bruce as he becomes the next Batman or Sam Wilson declaring himself Steve instead of Captain America.

When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created Thor, they most likely intended for the hammer to be passed to successors but not the guy's name.

Thor is a person's birth name, not his superhero codename. He is not a Green Lantern where there are thousands in the Galaxy who fight under that name. It's quite peculiar that the new Thor, be it Valkyrie, Enchantress or whoever, willingly takes his name when they acquire Mjolnir. Must read material there when Odin hands the hammer to the woman and tells her "You are now Thor" with the man Thor standing there.

Poor guy not only lost his name but his shirt as well.

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