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Man tattoos his world travels on his back

Bill Passman has filled in more than 60 countries to date.
Bill Passman has filled in more than 60 countries to date.

Bill Passman, a 59 year old retired lawyer from Louisiana, has a unique way of tracking where he's been in the world. According to an ABC News February 17 report, he's been tracing his trips to foreign countries via a large world map tattooed across his back for the last four years.

Where he found inspiration for his tattoo

Passman says he got the idea for the tattoo while in the Pirate Bar in Utila Honduras waiting for the World Cup to begin.

"I quickly noticed a girl, Jules, who I had met earlier in Antigua. After speaking for a moment she quickly turned around to speak to someone else and that is when I noticed it, a tattoo outline of the world." – Bill Passman via his blog

The tattoo initiated conversation and she explained she planned to place a red dot on the places she traveled. Passman had been considering a travel tattoo after visiting Thailand, and seeing the world map tattoo gave him the inspiration he was looking for. But his tattoo would have to include a map of the whole world that included specific countries he had traveled to. Instead of dots pinpointing the countries he had visited, he decided on a world map tattoo outlined in black ink with each country he visited colored in a unique hue.

Passman went to the same tattoo artist the woman had used in Antiqua and had the outline for the world map tattoo inked. When he returned home to Louisiana, he had the countries he has visited filled with different colored inks at Jake of Natural Mystic Tattoo in Pineville. He has more than 60 countries filled so far and hopes to bring more color to his world map tattoo in the future. You can keep up with his travels and colorful tattoo on his blog. Some of his more recent trips documented there include Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Finland and Russia.