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Man swallows fork while drunk after friends dare him to

A drunk man in Romania swallowed a fork after his friends dared him to do so. According to a video report by HuffPost Live, the 25-year-old man went to the doctors complaining of "intense pain in his esophagus." Apparently he forgot that he swallowed a stainless steel fork the night before.

So the man said that he was drinking with his friends when he bet them that he could swallow the metal fork without getting hurt -- and so they dared him to give it a whirl. The doctor took an x-ray and saw the fork inside the man's body but decided not to operate. Perhaps the fork would come out on its own...

Naturally the thought of a stiff, metal fork winding through someone's intestines is strange but doctors apparently know what they are doing. That said, there was a story about another man who "accidentally" swallowed a plastic fork and his doctor told him the same thing. Ten years later the man had terrible stomach pains and lo and behold, the fork was still inside him. It was removed via surgery.

Given the fact that this man swallowed a metal fork? Perhaps surgery would have been the better option.

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