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Man swallows fork in drunken bet: Doctors letting it pass naturally

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A man who swallowed a fork as the result of a drunken bet with his buddies ended up at a local emergency room with stomach pain. He told the doctors that he was having a hard time swallowing and his stomach was hurting, but he first neglected to tell them about the silverware piece he just ingested, according to New York Daily News on March 27.

When Radu Calincescu finally told the Romanian doctors that he swallowed a fork, they pretty much knew this already from the X-ray they took. The patient had come to his senses by then and had started to worry that the fork might puncture one of his vital organs.

The doctor’s told Calincescu that while this was basically a very stupid stunt, the fork hadn’t punctured any major organs. They told him that he would need to go home and wait for the fork to pass naturally.

If this fork didn’t dislodge and come out in a bowel movement within a week, he was to go back to the hospital for another X-ray. At this time he'd be looking at the possibility of surgery to remove the eating utensil from his stomach if it didn't move.

Either way that fork makes its way out of the man’s stomach is going to be painful. The guy learned his lesson though, he admits that swallowing a fork is just not a good idea.