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Man suing dozens of neighbors and townspeople for honking at him

It's not a taillight party, and it's not multiple drivers honking at protesters to signify agreement with their cause. But it is an unending parade of neighbors and townspeople of Hubbard, Ohio honking at Rick Krlich and his wife, Cindy out of retribution for filing a lawsuit to prevent John Clemente from moving into the house next door, according to ABC News on Thursday.

So far Krlich has been the recipient of over 5,000 honks, and Krilch blames Clemente for arranging and orchestrating the honks; although Clemente denies that he is responsible for the brassy sounds as cars pass by Krlich's house. Krilich's lawsuit against Clemente to prevent him from moving into the home next door failed, and, according to observers, the lawsuit enraged Clemente. Krlich alleges that Clemente , who was the town fire chief at the time, organized the massive honking expeditions.

Clemente claims that the honking started out with his son's girlfriend and her friends honking to say goodbye. Clemente claims that he never planned or organized the honks. On the other hand, Clemente says that although he had nothing to do with the honks that Krlich brought these troubles onto himself through his actions. Clemente told 20/20:

“Why wouldn’t you be against him … and what he is doing to everybody? Do you realize he has got 700 cases going to court?”

Krlich has planted cameras and microphones throughout his property and has set them up to record each and every honk as it takes place. Since the installation of the cameras, some unlikely persons have been recorded honking at Krlich's house, including the driver of a fire truck. Clemente's wife Marlene summed up Krlich's camera installation this way:

“If you beep your horn one time, he’ll take you to court. Just a regular beep or just to beep at the neighbors across the street, he’ll take you to court.”

It seems to this observer, that the taillight party would have been easier. But once people are bent on revenge and retribution, life gets complicated and the implications become more manifest.

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