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Man suffocated girlfriend after deliberate crash: Sits on her head until dead

Man suffocates girlfriend after deliberate 100 mph crash didn't kill her.
Manheim Borough Police Department (Mug Shot) of Benjamin Klinger

When the deliberate 100 mph crash didn’t kill his girlfriend, Benjamin Klinger sat on top of the girl and suffocated a screaming 17-year-old Samantha “Sammi” Heller in the wreckage of his car. This is what the 21-year-old Manheim, Pennsylvania man has confessed to, according to ABC News Local on Aug. 30.

Heller, once a joyful and carefree teen, changed during the two years she dated Klinger said her parents. The relationship was abusive and turbulent with Heller’s family doing everything in their power trying to keep Sammi away from this man.

Klinger intentionally drove his car into a guardrail at 100 mph with Heller as his passenger. A truck driver who happened upon the wreck could hear Heller’s screams, reports the New York Daily News.

When police arrived to the wreck, they found Klinger sitting on Heller’s head and torso, which is indicated in the court records. He admitted to killing his 17-year-old girlfriend by suffocating her and gave the family an apology in court.

Heller’s mother, Sandy McFalls, is in the depths of despair. She replied with a heart-wrenching detail of how Klinger taking the life of her daughter has changed her life. She said that her “heart is shattered” and that she has become "a prisoner in my house."

McFalls continued with her words addressed to Klinger:

"I want you to have nothing else to do (in prison) but think about how you took her life and destroyed ours.”

For killing the girl he professed to love, Klinger will spend 28 to 56 years behind bars. Along with the charges for killing Heller, Klinger was also sentenced to time for a drug charge and sending explicit photos of a minor.

While Judge Margaret Miller who heard this case in court expressed her hopes of Klinger coming out of prison a changed man. She then let him have it by saying:

"There is no doubt in my mind you lived your life with a callousness, arrogance and a cowardliness, frankly," Miller said, "because being a bully is a coward."

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