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Man suffocated girlfriend after deliberate crash: Grisly motive suggested

Man suffocates girlfriend after she lives through his deliberate 115 mph crash.

A man who deliberately crashed his car into a guardrail going about 115 mph with his girlfriend as his only passenger was trying to kill her. When she survived the crash he confessed to sitting on her head to suffocate her, according to The Inquisitr on Aug 31.

It was two years ago that Benjamin Klinger, who was 19 at the time, killed his girlfriend, 17-year-old Samantha “Sammi” Heller. Klinger’s sentencing was last week and he received 28 to 56 years for the killing of the teen, reports the New York Daily News.

Friends of Sammi came forth after she had died to say that she had told them she was pregnant. Speculation among friends thought Klinger’s motive for killing the teen was that he was not ready for the responsibility of being a father. It is important to note that it was never confirmed if she was carrying Klinger’s baby, or if she was even pregnant at all in court.

Police who investigated the case said that Klinger was going about 115 mph in his 1986 Toyota Celica on Route 283 when he hit a guard rail. There were no signs of braking before the crash. The teen’s mother said that the relationship between her daughter and Klinger was tumultuous and that Klinger was very abusive to Sammi.

The family did all they could to separate their daughter from this relationship, but Sammi was so infatuated with Klinger that she wouldn’t leave him. She even took him back when he ran over her foot with his car in a fit of rage. An angered Klinger had also thrown her down a flight of stairs in the past, but she’d accept his apologies and take him back.

After Klinger put the car through a guardrail it hit trees. When a motorist stopped and called 911, Sammi’s moans could be heard on the phone along with her screaming “get off of me,” according to police records. The motorist said that it looked as if Klinger was deliberately trying to suffocate his girlfriend when he was first seen sitting on her head, reports Fox News.

When police arrived they found Sammi outside of the wreck and Klinger sitting on top of her head and torso. He appeared to go in and out of consciousness, shifting his body each time he did this. Doctors at the hospital later said he was faking the fainting spells. He originally said that he landed on top of his girlfriend when he fainted and this is how she suffocated and died.

When police arrived on scene, Sammi was face-down on the ground and Klinger was sitting on her head. The coroner’s report cited cause of death as both severe trauma and asphyxia.

Sammi Heller was Sandy McFalls only child and her world as she knew it has been ripped apart. She is still devastated and calls herself a “prisoner in her own home” because she just can’t leave the house due to the grief she’s enduring.

Once McFalls heard that Klinger confessed to deliberately crashing the car and confessed to deliberately suffocating her daughter and then heard his apology in court, she agreed to the sentence. Klinger did seem to show remorse over causing the death of Sammi.

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