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Man sues Red Lobster? Million dollars wanted after receipt goes viral

Man sues Red Lobster after receipt goes viral
Man sues Red Lobster after receipt goes viral
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

When it comes to viral trends, social media and pop culture, sometimes the lines get really obscured. It is the man who is suing Red Lobster that has people once again wondering how people deal with being part of a trend as it goes too far with threats, over the top opinions and rude remarks. According to the Huffington Post on Wednesday, Devin Barnes is suing Red Lobster after his information went viral once a waitress posted his receipt online.

On September 7, 2013, Devin Barnes visited a Red Lobster restaurant in Tennessee. After they placed a to-go order with their server and paid their $44 check. Apparently since the order was to-go the patron decided not to tip. On the receipt, the line for "Tip," Barnes wrote "none."

A few days later there was a viral storm as their server, 19-year-old Toni Christina Jenkins, posted the receipt to Facebook. The alleged receipt posted had a negative racial remark on the tip line, and displays Devin Barnes full name.

While the receipt was only posted on Facebook several days and then removed, but it has continued to circulate online. Leaving the name of the patron available for everyone to see and allegedly heckle the individual who bought the food.

The server was put on probation and returned to Red Lobster to work, but there was no resolution with the restaurant patron. The fallout from the situation got a fund established for the server and a bad rap for the man who bought the food.

Apparently, Devin Barnes wants justice in regards to the situation. He has filed a million dollar lawsuit against Red Lobster for the server for a willful and malicious act, slander and unlawful release of Barnes' personal information on the Internet. The lawsuit was filed in a circuit court in Williamson County, Tennessee, last week.

The server claims they didn’t write the hateful remarks on the receipt and Devin Barnes had a handwriting expert verify he didn’t write the remarks either. Which leaves everyone wondering who put the nasty note on the receipt in the first place and why was uploaded to Facebook instead of handed over to the cops. Apparently this is a decision for the courts to decide and it will be interesting if someone has to fork over a million bucks.

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