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Man sues Red Lobster after waitress posts his receipt on Facebook

The Daily Caller reported a story today about a Tennessee man who filed a lawsuit against Red Lobster on Thursday. Last September, while dining out with his wife, Devin Barnes, 20, and his wife had to abruptly leave the restaurant. They boxed up their food and left.

Red Lobster gets sued after waitress posts his receipt on Facebook.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Toni Jenkins, the waitress who served the couple, posted a copy of their receipt on her Facebook page. Allegedly, Barnes had scribbled the word “N****” on the receipt. The alleged racist also did not even tip the young woman. The post immediately went viral.

After the post had made the social media airwaves, Barnes said people have accused him of being a racist. He also said he has received death threats. The signature of Devin Barnes was visible on the Facebook post. He admitted to not leaving a tip, but said he did not write the derogatory racist comment. According to his lawsuit, he blames the waitress and Red Lobster for his suffering.

Originally, the restaurant suspended Jenkins for posting the receipt. She eventually returned to work after the media blew up the story. A “Tips for Toni” campaign raised around $11,000 for her. She used the money to buy a new car. At least two handwriting experts studied the receipt and compared the signatures to those of Barnes and his wife. Experts determined the handwriting on the receipt did not belong to Barnes or his wife. Another expert said Jenkins could have written the derogatory comment herself.

Jenkins has since said she does not think Barnes wrote the derogatory term. She also said she did not write on the receipt either. According to a Red Lobster blog post, there is a policy on employees using social media. Employees cannot reveal proprietary information about the company or comment about customers or co-workers. Employees who violate the policy face potential termination.

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