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Man sues over mashed potatoes: $48,000 lawsuit for 2 cracked teeth

Man sues over mashed potatoes that bit him back!
Man sues over mashed potatoes that bit him back!

Mashed potatoes are a comfort food that stick to your ribs and they don't usually break your teeth, but there's always an exception to the rule. A customer at the Outback Restaurant ate a plate of mashed potatoes that weren't as smooth and creamy as one might expect and his teeth cracked because of it.

The Oregon man broke two teeth on a piece of porcelain when he bit into his mashed potatoes. It looked like it came from a broken dinner plate and now he is suing, according to News Max on Feb. 20.

Roger Branstetter had nothing left of his two teeth after taking a bite of the mashed potatoes. He was forced to have two teeth pulled, according to the documents he filed in Multnomah County Circuit Court. The incident cost Branstetter those two teeth and then he needed to replace them with implants.

When the incident happened the managers at the Outback admitted that a plate had been broken in the kitchen and that some pieces fell into the mashed potatoes. Apparently the kitchen crew thought they removed all the pieces. The potatoes should have been thrown away after the incident, but apparently it wasn’t.

Branstetter said the broken pieces could have been fatal if he had swallowed them. They could have punctured the esophagus, intestines or stomach. He is asking for $48,000 in damages citing the negligence of the restaurant for not telling the customers that the food might contain broken plate shards.

Outback is a franchise and the one that Branstetter is suing is part of a five-group franchise owned by the Evergreen Restaurant Group.

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