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Man sues over mashed potatoes: Man breaks 2 teeth after eating mashed potatoes

What's in your mashed potatoes?
What's in your mashed potatoes?
Jon Sullivan/Wikimedia Commons

A man sues over mashed potatoes after he says that he broke two teeth while eating them. On Feb. 19, MSN reported that the man is suing the Outback Steakhouse restaurant in Portland, Oregon, claiming that there were pieces of "broken porcelain" in the mashed potatoes he ordered that caused two of his molars to crack while he was chewing.

"A managing partner of the Evergreen Restaurant Group that owns the franchise, Jason Bender, told The Oregonian he couldn't speak in detail about the case, but hadn't heard of any other customers with a similar complaint. He says safety is very important to the restaurant," reports MSN.

When a man sues over mashed potatoes, it's pretty serious. Sometimes you never know what sort of foreign objects can accidentally (or sometimes purposely) fall into food items when you're eating out at a restaurant. Chances are there could have been a mishap in the kitchen that caused this unfortunate incident -- but it sounds like this is being taken seriously.

Interestingly enough, Roger Branstetter says that this happened to him in February 2012. Why it has taken two years for this story to surface is unclear and might hurt his case in the long run. However, Mr. Branstetter says that he spoke to a manager when the incident occurred and he was told that bits of a broken plate did indeed fall into the potatoes. Uhm, oops?

The man suing over the mashed potatoes incident is seeking unspecified damages. The company will likely offer to pay his dental fees but who knows what they will be willing to do beyond that?

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